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USA: 87eleven

The entertainment industry has changed since 87eleven was founded in 1997 — film has gone digital, practical effects have become special, and editors have ditched the scissors and tape for laptops. But 87eleven forward-oriented vision has kept always at the cutting edge of action design.


ACTIONPACT PTY LTD was established in 2001 by Keir Beck. Over the years of working in the film industry and with enough knowledge, experience, and equipment Keir created AP8 as a training facility for new and seasoned stunt performers to train and improve their skills. AP8 has teamed-up with other international stunt facilities, such as 8711 Action Design in Los Angeles and Haeger Stunt & Wirework in Berlin to create a global connection with other industry professionals, to network and share ideas. AP8 – Actionpact is located on the sunny Gold Coast in Queensland, Australia. Making the venue easily accessible to overseas performers and is based only minutes from Surfers Paradise and two international airports.